Transformation into Reality and Women in Progress come from the idea to show how scenes, stories and characters created for the stage are no fiction but still reality.

It is a different reality though, full of emotions, feelings, fantasies, questions, fears, dreams and doubts. Different from the contemporary digital era we live in, when there is neither room nor time to share emotions and to get to know each other deeply anymore.

In these photos, actors vis-à-vis with their characters and empty stages side by side with curated set designs remind us to face that part of ourselves we can not run away from.

Theater has that kind of power, that of a mirror. 


Exploring the country. 
Looking for a new home.
Bodie (California) smelt a familiar air.
Smell of history. Of days far away.
There, where the history is.
Home is in the past. Comfortable past.
Solid certainty. Time frozen. Experiences already lived.
Safe past.
Inside me. The time is frozen.
The past is known. Gone. Stable.
My memories, my rituals, my history.
Comfortable hands holding you toward the future.