An installation-based event featuring several art/music/poetry collaborations, performances, and short films that developed from research into Oakland’s history and conversations with the local community.

Through the Wall

Written by Anthony Clarvoe, Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko, Sango Tajima, and Davern Wright
Directed by Cecilia Palmtag and Addie Ulrey

Written and directed by Amy Sass.

Dad is dead. Emma is home. Now there’s a whale. A clan’s grief for its lost patriarch surreally bends the rules of society and the laws of nature. As the family struggles with economic ruin, the ocean seems to share their devastation. Type your paragraph here.

A girl is ripening on the edge of town, uncontrolled, chaotic, voracious. This is an orderly place. Everything is on the map: the last scrap of woods, the old house on the outskirts. You can see the line where the big new road will go. Right through Red’s room. Everyone thinks the predators are gone. But what if they’ve just gone… inside?

Destination Home is four new short plays written and directed by members of the Ensemble. By turns wistful, comic, incisive, and mythic, playwrights Anthony Clarvoe, Cecilia Palmtag, Addie Ulrey, and Windy Wynazz address fundamental questions about how we create and find home.

A group of roommates must contend with a house that is more than it seems–and their own fears. Upon entering The Flight Deck, guests are swallowed by an aging house. After walking a labyrinth brimming with secrets, guests are invited into the sanctum where the barriers between the living and the dead are not as they seem.


Co-written by Amy Sass & Anthony Clarvoe
Directed by Amy Sass